tongue enjoys lingua

i’ve been thinking that we speak so much bullshit and say all sorts of meaningless and hollow stuff just because it is so pleasurable to speak, to produce sounds with our mouths, to roll the letters over our tongues…

of course it would be much more pleasurable to produce pure sound without the compulsion to produce some sort of sense or meaning along with it. perhaps we would just prefer to make nonverbal sounds or even sing. unfortunately most of us are conditioned to be ashamed of our singining voices and leave that for the shower curtains to enjoy. likewise we are (strongly) discouraged from producing meaningless sound thanks to certain popular views about mental health.

and so we yap and yap and yap. because we are allowed to do that. no we are expected to do that. to make conversation. to say shit, to be “nice” even when we don’t mean it or feel like it. well, being the opportunistic animals that we are, we take that opportunity to extremes.

i don’t know how else to account for all the bullshit that comes out of our mouths.