“every little thing is gonna be alright”

for the past couple of days i have been thinking about the pace of our postmodern lives. this fucked up need to cram as much “work” into one day as possible whereas a century ago, one task was usually enough to fill up a single day. you would walk or ride on a donkey for hours to go to the market place, pick up whatever is needed by taking your time to carefully examine all your options, then take the long trip back home, eat and sleep. and that would be your day. you wouldn’t go to bed feeling guilty because you haven’t accomplished enough. you heart would be at peace.

today i served two meals to my aunt, then juiced her a kilo of grapes in two installments, bicycled for 80 minutes, cleaned the whole house, read some of the second volume of don quijote, posted a photo i took of don quijote and my handsome handmade clockwork snail bookmark on facebook, fed the ally cats twice, wrote an email to a friend, watched an episode of e.r. and an episode of monk, cleaned the kitchen a bit, threw a round of clothes in the washing machine, (oh that reminds me i should take them out and put them in the dryer)and now i’m writing this little blurb that i promised myself.

and i feel like i haven’t done anything today. well i know i feel this because at this moment “doing something” implies my own work, our own project with the marionettes. in other words, it implies producing, creating something to give peace to the heart. this is what cleaning and bicycling can’t do for you. but compared to yesterday when i spent the day drinking wine and watching t.v. i think today was a good day nevertheless :)