there is a little baby dove in one of the windowsills of the theater building. it used to have a sibling half its size. perhaps the parents just decided to favor one. the one which had the better chance of survival was fed and the other just sort of left on its own to die. or maybe it just came out of the package tiny like that. damaged goods. and it died on that day when it poured and poured. so now the luckier baby dove is alone. it gets bigger and more active every day. it makes a little whistling sound. it gets all kinds of flappy when one of the parents is near. i love that whistling sound and try to imitate it and catch its attention. i just sort of frazzle it maybe. just the presence of a silly baby animal makes the whole place brighter. i like watching it wobble and flap its wings that are too small for its body. the long silly beak. the beady eyes. and that sad, tender, desperate whistling :)