fuckgenderous selfies

This is becoming a rather personal week on the blog for some reason.

Since one of the last system updates on Mac OS X, my laptop has been pretending to be an iPhone, especially the Photos app. Now it also picks out selfies it detects and puts them in a selfies folder just like iOS. So I have about four years worth of selfies in one folder. Or whatever the app thought were selfies. Not everything there is a selfie and not every selfie is there –thank goddess. Nevertheless, it was a strange experience looking through them. Memory lane and all.

Screen Shot 2016-08-13 at 21.00.44

So weird

I picked the most fuckgenderous ones (and sometimes the most ridiculous) and made an album in which my hair evolves from a very short crop to long, from red to gray to red to gray, and I evolve from person to cat to person to puppy :D

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